June Thu, 2nd – Sat, 4th

7 – 11 p.m.

Whether narrative, experimental, documentary or animation, all graduation and debut works presented by new talents distinguish themselves by their extra- ordinary views of the exterior which opens a path into our innermost. To bolster this effect, new talents in this year has its own film parcours with unusual screening formats in salesrooms, bars, pubs, and under- ground garages.
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I | hdak – haus der architektur köln


Director: Kirsten Geißer (Kunsthochschule Halle, 2015) and Ines Geißer (Kunsthochschule Kassel, graduation 2013)
Animation, 2015, 11 min.

"The search for happiness is essential. There is failure in play and longing and a smell from childhood which has been robbed of its romanticism.“
Prof. Jens Gussek

II | Studio apartment Peterstraße 15


Director: Helena Wittmann (HFBK Hamburg, 2014)
Experimental Film, 2014, 16 min.

By decidedly filmic reduction the always-overlooked received obser- vation and invites to a sharpened perception, not only towards the room temperature of 21.3°.

III | Lenz und Johlen Rechtsanwälte (underground car park)


Director: Maximilian Feldmann / Camera: Luise Schröder
(Film-Akademie Baden-Württemberg, 2015)
Documentary, 2016, 51 min.

A shanty town in the Roma quarter. 10-year old Valentina invites us to her family. A movie as full of life as its straying heroine.

IV | Asia-Pacific-Reisen (travel agency)

Der Langstreckenläufer

Director: Zuniel Kim (Kunsthochschule Kassel, 2015)
Documentary, 2015, 15 min.

Against deadlock, in long and quiet running settings we learn about the life story of the Ethiopian marathon runner Ybekal Daniel Berye in an internal monologue.

V | Cologne pub “Veedel” (basement)

Richard & Gilbert

Director: David Sarno (Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, 2014)
Short Film, 2015, 20 min. 15 sec.

Richard and Gilbert investigate in a lonely village which is haunted by cruel murders and get deep into a dangerous web of their mutual desire.

VI | LAMHE Tours (travel agency)


Director: Pascal Floerks (Film-Akademie Baden-Württemberg, 2014)
Documetary, 2014, 8 min.

With fine instinct, told in his one voice from the off, Floerks tells the story of his deceased grandfather, who is represented by a bear, in impressive photographs.

VII | falke architekten

Don’t fence me in

Director: Ann Sophie Lindström (University of applied science and art
Hannover, 2014)
Documentary, 2015, 9 min.

The film shows a way of tradition surviving industrialisation with the example of the interface of horse owners and the “cowboy-community” with American youth culture.

VIII | Lungengasse 22 // 7 and 10 p.m.

Das Satanische Dickicht 1+2

Director: Willy Hans (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg, 2016)
Short Film, 2014, 2 x 30 min.

With nebular-cool visual imagery and sparse dialogue the film displays the everyday of provincial dreariness with an underscore of undefinable disaster.

IX | hdak – haus der architektur Köln (facade) // from 9 p.m.


Director: Sebastian Mez (Film-Akademie Baden-Württemberg, 2012)
Experimental Film, 2014, 14 min.

In an environment where radioactive destruction has erased all clear lines, filmic composition makes the invisible accessible.

X | Kunsthaus Rhenania // Continous presentation during the media arts parcour


Director: Camilo Colmenares (KHM, 2014)
Experimental Film, 2016, 6 min. 30 sec.

The abstract animation, which is laser-engraved onto 35mm black lead film, is based on the indigenous cultures of the Quimbaya and Tairona.

XI | VIDEONALE at Kunstmuseum Bonn // Continous presentation during the media arts parcour

In cooperation with Videonale Bonn & Kunstmuseum Bonn

Desert Miracle

Director: Miriam Gossing and Lina Sieckmann (KHM, 2016)
Experimental Film, 2015, 10 min.

Where kitsch and promise come together, the film examines the economization of the desire of “love” and their commercialized lifestyle.