Fringe events

In addition to our artistic presentations, our extensive fringe events programme offer new insights and ways of understanding: conferences, workshops and lectures are dedicated to international questions, artistic freedom and the pro- fessional marketing of creative ideas, amongst others. And we also celebrate our talents with two award ceremonies!

Tue, May 24, 7 p.m.

SPECIAL TOUR // The Agrippa Cultural Quarter from a historical-architectural perspective

In cooperation with hdak
Location: hdak – haus der architektur köln

Worthwhile and informative tour through the historic Agrippa quarter with Jürgen Keimer, board member hdak.

Tue, May 31, 7 p.m.

SPECIAL TOUR // A walk through the arts parcours at the Agrippa Cultural Quarter

In cooperation with hdak
Location: hdak – haus der architektur köln

Tour through the new talents arts parcour with its special locations and extraordinary artistic positions.

Wed, June 1, 4 – 7 p.m.

WORKSHOP // Marketing and legal rights for artists

In cooperation with Kölner Kulturpaten e.V. and Kölner Wirtschaftsjunioren e.V.
Location: Schaafenstraße 10

4 p.m. // “You are a brand!” Branding for young artists

Is art a product? And can an artist become a brand? And what is a brand? Tanja Mensen, owner of the Cologne agency Tatendrang shows in her branding workshop what it means to be a brand and how to become one with practical examples.

5 p.m. // “We call it media work now.” Pressearbeit im Zeitalter von Instagram und Co.

Traditional public relations work has changed in times of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & co. There are new channels, ideas and approaches. But the basic things stay the same. Patric Prager from the Cologne agency Tatendrang is looking after customers’ public relation for years – and in this workshop shows what to look out for and how to combine offline and online.

6 p.m. // “Sorry, this is mine!” Workshop about the protection of intellectual property

Solicitor Alexander Feitzinger, MA and specialised in copy and media rights and professional rights protection offers a legal workshop for artists. Topics are the basics of copyright as well as means of protecting and promoting intellectual property.


Thu, June 2, 5 p.m.

WORKSHOP // The Artists‘ Social Security Fund – is it worth it?

Location: Schaafenstraße 10

Many rumors and only a few facts – The Artists’s Social Security Fund (KSK) is an important organization, as it pays 50 percent of the fees for health and pen- sion insurance for artists. But if one believes the rumors on the internet, no one is accepted. How it really works - who is accepted, when is it useful to enter, how to register – is the topic of this workshop by solicitor Andri Jürgensen, who for 15 years specializes in all questions around the KSK. And without any rumors.


Thu, June 2, 7 p.m.

LECTURE & DISCUSSION // How free is art?

Location: Schaafenstraße 10

Ist die Kunstfreiheit auch in Deutschland in Gefahr? Theater, Literatur, Satire und andere Genres bedienen sich aus einem breiten Instrumentenkasten - vom Mordaufruf über das Töten von Tieren auf der Bühne bis zur vermeintlichen Verunglimpfung. Doch welche Rechte bleiben den Betroffenen - auf beiden Seiten? Der Vortrag führt in die Lösungsansätze der Rechtsprechung ein. Kon- troverse Diskussion erwünscht.


Fri, June 3, 3 – 7 p.m.

LECTURE & WORKSHOP // Authentic branding for artists and creatives

Location: Schaafenstraße 10

3 p.m. // Lecture

The starting point of a creative process often is an inspiration, an inner need, an ethnical value or personal needs. Why not apply this approach when it comes to the professional perspecti- ve? “Effectuation”, an entrepreneurial logic of action, begins at exactly this point and contains significant parallels to creative and artistic ways of working.

4 – 7 p.m. // Workshop

The lecture about Effectuation is followed by a workshop where concrete examples or new projects can be exercised – no previous knowledge needed.
Moderation: Christof Schreckenberg, CREATIVE TIDE


Sun, June 5, 4 p.m.

AWARD CEREMONY // RheinSilber Award

Location: Kölsch-Kneipe "Veedel"

RheinSilber is a project of the promotional organization Kulturelle Bildung e.V. Following the slogan “old learns from young” special tours as well as talks with participating artists are offe- red. The initiative is crowned by the awarding of the RheinSilber Award, a cooperation with the Gerhart und Renate Baum foundation. The award is presented together with the new talents audience award on the final day of the festival.

Followed by: new talents closing party