Bianca Mendonça

HfMT, Abschluss 2014


"This choreographie is part of a project originating in past-capitalist desires. Starting point of the idea is the contradiction of capitalism and the transition to the new economy. This type of choreography is a game, wherein a situation of collectivity and independence is developed through a collective movement- and music-collaboration between performers and a musician." Bianca Mendonça

(5-8 min.)

This choreography is part of tour "Stadt".


Bianca Mendonça was born in 1985 in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2007 she finished her studies as actress and theater teacher at the Center for Dramatic Arts (ECA/USP) with a strong interest in post-dramatic theater, physical theater, pedagogy and contemporary dance. In 2008 she changed her location to Europe, first to Spain and later to Germany. In recent years, she was dedicated to studying and practicing contemporary dance and its dissemination, and during that time also developed her own artistic work, starting it in 2010 during the Dance Intensive Program at the Tanzfabrik Berlin. In the Centre for Contemporary Dance in Cologne she concluded her master studies Dance Dissemination in Contemporary Dance and also studied one exchange semester as part of the Erasmus Program at the University for Dance and Circus (DOCH) Stockholm in the master program New Performative Practices, concluding her specialization in choreography. She has developing her choreographic work in collaboration with institutions like Tanzhaus NRW, Pact Zollverein, Tanzfaktur Köln and Quartier am Hafen as well as with dancers and collaborators. Her last projects To Be Heard and Continuum was presented and supported by the artistic and choreographic platform Cheers for Fears/Favoriten Festival and Sprungbrett/Tanz NRW. In 2015 she received the Nachwuchstipendium für Jugend und Kinder Theater working together with Andrea Bleikamp/Wehtheater. As performer she participated in productions by artists like Mathilde de Monier and Romeo Castellucci.