Guy Marsan

All work, no play

Work displaces joy or at least is preferred - All work, no play is not only on the linguistic level a reference to the fact that daily routine needs and receives more space. Marsan divides and analyses this routine and rebuilds it humouristically in his choreography.

This choreography is part of tour "Fluss".


Guy Marsan is a French-Canadian performer, theatre artist, dancer, and choreographer. After graduating with a BA in theatre and German from the University of Ottawa in Canada, Guy continued his training in Germany and France. In Paris he trained in corporeal mime with La Compagnie Pas de Dieux and focussed on movement and dance practices. In Canada, he created site-specific performances with various companies including Dramamuse and Zopyra Theatre. He also worked with the Ottawa Stilt Union for six years, a collective that devises theatre performances (mostly outdoors) using physical theatre, dance, stilts and acrobatics. Based in Hamburg since 2013, Guy has recently completed a MA in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. Through his studies he has had the opportunity to work with learn from many dancers and choreographers like Martin Nachbar, Ivana Müller, Antje Pfundtner, and Joao Fiadeiro. In the fall of 2014, he did an internship alongside the choreographer Antonia Baehr and dancer Valérie Castan for their show Misses and Mysteries. Guy is a founding member of the Germany-based collective Workforceproductions. In the winter of 2015/16, he was resident artist at the Fleetstreet Theater in Hamburg, where he developed a solo choreographic performance entitled Ambiguïté.