for new talents – biennale cologne 2016

Disbelieving looks in the exhibition space - in design there is also research?

A new realisation, at least for the visitors of the presentation of design graduate works in Cologne in May 2014. Event though a general understanding of design has entered the public mindset, design research is not as widely known as it is relevant. Even though many "classical" forms and design processes already contain a lot of research. New products, services, processes and applications often originate in an enormous scientific groundwork provided by designers. Beginning with the first edition in 2008, new talents always was dedicated to the presentation of scientific design work. In 2016, this focus is even stronger than in previous editions of the biennial. A range of research areas of social, public and enviromental importance is shown, presenting an excellent overview of the capacities of designers.

Contributions by:
Agustina Andreoletti
Simone Fahrenhorst
Noelle Gangloff
Elisa Metz
Julia Schümann
Anna Shapiro
Carla Zimmermann

Curator: Christian Heufelder

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