Anna Shapiro

I´MGRAND (2015)

The work of Anna Shapiro approaches the Cologne district of Porz Finkenberg, which is inhabited mostly by low-income families and people with a migrational background. This former pilot project, an utopian projection of "living machines" in close proximity, became a run-down housing estate, the home of about 6500 people. Amongst others, the media is to blame, which classify the area as "social hotspot". The picture they paint is difficult to banish from the minds of the public and the inhabitants. The I'MGRAND project aims to provide a different view by using the same media but looking behind the facade. A detailled analysis of the district and its inhabitants led to a statement against stereotypes and for the plurality of the intercultural of the city. The result is a documentary short, "I’mgrand in Köln Porz Finkenberg". It details the network of relationships of different interactions and offers a reflection surface for the self and others. Together with a picture series and an installation, an intercultural space was created to which media had to react.


*1990 in Rostow-am-Don (RU)

since 2016 FH Dortmund, Master of Arts Fotografie – Photographic Studies, Dortmund
2015 B.A, Integrated Design, Köln International School of Design, Köln
2014 term abroad, Moholy-Nagy-University of Art and Design, Budapest (HU)
seit 2012 holder Anuanet Studio