Elisa Metz

The measurement of the face "GRASP“ (2015)

How are faces observed and felt? How are they measured and recognised? Can looks be felt and touches made visual? On the basis of two experiments, the concept of a human 3D-scanner was developed in the framework of Elisa Metz' work: GRASP makes looks perceptible and creates images of touch. GRASP informs about how differently humans perceive faces. The 3D-scanner collects body-related data which can be used useful but also be abused. It's aim is to make user aware that their visibility is unconscious and images of their bodies and faces are created which they themself will never see. In addition, this is a tool where technology makes humans touch each other. Therefore, the tool combines the possibility of the digital with the need for the human touch.


*1989 in Gießen

2016 Assistance graphic, cologne on pop Festival 2016, Köln
Traineeship, Service Design und Designforschung, sedes-research, TH Köln
10 –15 Integrated Design, Köln International School of Design, Technische Hochschule Köln
Designwandern, Illustration, Fachhochschule Münster
2013 term abroad, Illustration, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, (NZ)