Noelle Gangloff

To good for the rubbish - reducing food waste in commerce (2015)

Often, food items with a nearing expiration date are often thrown away, even though these are still edible. The idea of "Take me first" is to put a sticker on these food items that reads "Take me first! I taste delicious and am quite safe". In addition, a roll-up indicates the reduced prices of these items. In the background is a reward system based on shopping vouchers. For the shop this means reducing substandard goods and therefore save resources and waste disposal costs. In July 2015 the pilot project was successfully realised at EDEKA Zielke in Willich.


*1988 in Oberndorf (AT)

13–15 Bachelor of Arts, Service Design, Köln International School of Design
2013 study visit, Auckland University of Technology, Neuseeland
2010 traineeship,  KISDshop, Köln
2009 traineeship Fotocartoon Uli Kreifels (Fotoatelier), Köln
Public Relations, Gra"k, Frankfurt a.M.
2008 traineeship, Department für Public Relations and Graphic, Museum für Kommunikation, Frankfurt a.M.