hand werk

Executing ensemble

Premiere of the composition commissions II:
B | Kunst-Station Sankt Peter
Sunday, May 22, 3 p.m.

hand werk
, a young ensemble for new chamber music, was formed in 2011 in Cologne, with the goal of performing pieces that have already been performed but offer further potential through intense rehearsal. As the new music scene is sustained by a constant parade of premieres, “old works” are unjustly and too quickly forgotten. Not only does the ensemble perform a classic repertoire for the Pierrot-plus-percussion lineup, it also explores and responds to experimental music by regularly performing works for unusual instruments - everyday objects like tables, balloons, voices, and so on. hand werk is dedicated to the performance of new works without conductor, with the goal of increasing not only the technical but also the musical interest of both players and listeners. hand werk has performed at Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, ACHT BRÜCKEN / Musik für Köln, Klangzeit Münster, the music biennale zagreb, at Harvard University in Cambridge, played a tour of Lebanon and at other concert series in several European countries.

Instrumentation new talents – biennale cologne:

Daniel Agi – Flute
Stefanie van Backlé – Violin
Heather Roche – Clarinet
Jens Ruland – Percussion
Niklas Seidl – Violoncello
Christoph Stöber – Piano